Travis Brown


Posted July 16, 2015

SSL now supported for

Most of Twitter’s open source projects for the JVM are published to Maven Central, but for various reasons a few are still published to, a Maven repository that is hosted by Twitter. While Finagle itself is in Maven Central, some of its subprojects and some Finagle-related libraries and tools require dependencies from

We’re actively working to eliminate the need for this separate repository, but we don’t have a definite timeline for moving everything to Maven Central, and so this week we have enabled secure access to the repository, which was previously only available over unsecured HTTP.

To switch to HTTPS, you’ll just need to add an “s” to the URL in your build configuration. For example, if you have a line like the following in your SBT build:

resolvers += "twitter-repo" at ""

You’ll just change it to the following:

resolvers += "twitter-repo" at ""

Over the next week we’ll be updating the build configuration and documentation for all of our own projects to reflect this change.

Unsecured access will remain available until September 30, 2015, but we encourage you to update your configuration as soon as possible. Please contact us on the Finaglers mailing list or on Twitter if you have any questions about this change.