Vladimir Kostyukov


Posted March 11, 2016

Finagle 6.34 Release Notes

This release we’ve been focusing on improving both overall stability of Finagle components and debugging features. We also reverted a patch that cased duplicate tag error that looks as follows.

com.twitter.finagle.mux.ServerError: Duplicate tag 6

With that said, we highly recommend upgrading from 6.33 to 6.34.


  • Finagle now includes downstream/upstream addresses in its exceptions (see dfb9d4fa)
  • Response classifiers are now enabled for HTTP servers (see c6f1b9b8)
  • Two new histograms request_payload_bytes and response_payload_bytes are now reported for HTTP, Mux, Thrift, and ThriftMux protocols (see a0d9b697)
  • A number of deprecated methods were removed from the Finagle API (see eeb54869)
  • Stack overflow bug was fixed in AsyncStream.concat (see 5a039780)

Further Plans

We’re actively working on migrating Finagle to Netty 4 (finagle-core is mostly done, finagle-http is our next target) and as part of this work we’re planing to completely replace codecs, which are pretty tied to Netty 3, with stacks. While this is a pretty wide internal change, it should not affect Finagle users.



We deeply thank our awesome contributors who helped to make this release happen. According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges finagle-6.33.0..finagle-6.34.0, 18 people contributed to this release: Kevin Oliver, Daniel Schobel, Eugene Ma, Vladimir Kostyukov, Ruben Oanta, Christopher Coco, Jillian Crossley, Eitan Adler, Ryan Greenberg, Stu Hood, Antoine Tollenaere, Yoshimasa Niwa, Bing Wei, Edward Samson, Liam Stewart, Lucas Langer, Miguel Cervera, Moses Nakamura, Peter Schuller.