Kevin Oliver


Posted March 20, 2017

🌻 Spring Planning 🌻

The team working on Finagle, Finatra, and related libraries met last week and did our planning for the next three months. These are high-level goals and as such, have varying degrees of confidence and certainty.

In the spirit of Spring cleaning:

For those interested in the shiny and new:

  • Get HTTP/2 to production level quality so that it becomes the default HTTP implementation.
  • Continued SSL/TLS work, including STARTTLS support for Mux.
  • Finish the work on Tunables such that service owners can dynamically change configuration.
  • Finish the work on MethodBuilder as a replacement for ClientBuilder and the foundation for more enhancements.

For those who like their tools polished:

  • Throughput improvements via changes to Futures, defaulting to the Netty 4 native transport, Netty 4 buffer pooling, and more.
  • Switch the default load balancer to Aperture.
  • Switch the default failure accrual policy to success rate instead of consecutive failures.
  • Move TwitterServer to use slf4j for logging and begin the process of moving Util and Finagle.
  • A handful of Scrooge changes to make the Scala generated code more composable, fixing ResponseClassification for servers for example.

Please feel free to ask questions on the mailing list about anything that is unclear and we’ll help clarify if you would like to know more.

Kevin Oliver and the Core Systems Libraries team