Daniel Schobel


Posted August 17, 2017

Finagle 7 Release Notes

The August release is here and brings a major version bump for both Finagle and Util to v7! 🍰🍰🍰

Over the last few years Finagle has had an extensive internal overhaul to support Netty 4 along with a rewrite of all its protocols so now as the last traces of Netty 3 have been removed from finagle-core we felt the time was right to celebrate with a shiny new major version.

(Fun fact: Finagle’s last major version bump came almost 5 years ago, a simpler time when ‘Gangnam Style’ was still dominating the charts.)

Without further ado, here are the highlights:

Finagle 7.0.0, Finatra 2.12.0, Scrooge 4.19.0, TwitterServer 1.31.0, and Util 7.0.0.


In addition to the Netty dependency cleanup, Finagle gets new Tunables api for configuring dynamic timeouts and finagle-stats drops a hard-to-kill legacy dependency on Commons

  • finagle-core: Finagle is now fully decoupled from Netty 3. 49d4d0d
  • finagle-mux: Introduce a new more efficient message decoder. f432bd4
  • finagle-netty4: Netty 4 transports now use pooled allocators by default. a70b4b9
  • finagle-stats: No longer backed by commons metrics, now its own thing. a647fb9
  • finagle-tunable: StandardTunableMap is now public. Users can access file-based, in-memory, and service-loaded tunable values using the map. See tunables for details. f07ebb6


  • scrooge-generator: Generated Java code now is using c.t.s.TReusableBuffer to reduce object allocations. 4cd9ee7
  • scrooge-generator: Generated Cocoa code now supports modular frameworks and removes some compiler warnings about implicit casts. f48cd56


Util’s StatsReceivers learned about Verbosity Levels as a way to reduce the number of exported metrics during normal operations.

  • util-stats: Introducing Verbosity Levels for StatsReceivers fa91412
  • util-core: Added c.t.util.SlowProbeProxyTimer for monitoring the duration of execution for timer tasks. 7c8425d
  • util-events: This module is deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release. c465fdb


Netty has been upgraded to 4.1.12