Kevin Oliver


Posted December 12, 2017


We have been minimizing our dependency on Guava, which is big and often causes version conflicts for our users. This work will be released as part of January’s 18.1 release, though there are 2 places it remains:

  • util-cache-guava has a CacheBuilder-based implementation of FutureCache. We advise replacing this usage with a Caffeine FutureCache available in util-cache. The migration is well documented in the Caffeine user guide.

  • Finatra’s http module has a few public APIs that use We aren’t planning to address this in the immediate future, but it’s something we’d love to tackle given more time.

Thanks for following along. Please feel free to ask questions on the mailing list about anything that is unclear and we’ll help clarify if you would like to know more.

Kevin Oliver and the Core Systems Libraries team