Vladimir Kostyukov


Posted May 8, 2018

May 2018 Release Notes - Version 18.5.0

Good news, everyone! Finagle & Finatra May releases are here!

As usual, all the corresponding Github projects for Finagle, Finatra, Util, Twitter Server, and Scrooge have their release pages updated:

Here are some notable changes:

  • Finagle’s ThriftMux transport has been switched to a more efficient and simpler implementation: cc333151
  • We fixed a bug in Util’s AsyncSemaphore so it no longer causes deadlocks: b3b66cf8
  • Finagle’s HTTP implementation now incorporates SameSite attribute for cookies: 4b0a58b0
  • Various changes to Finagle MySQL to improve the user’s experience: f3676d31, f3676d31, 2f3650cf, f67978aa