Ryan O'Neill


Posted September 27, 2018

⛱️ September 2018 Point Release Notes 🐚 — Version 18.9.1

September is beach season here in the Bay Area, and it looks like our release earlier this month got caught in a wash cycle. So, we’ve made a point release.

See below for details on the util-slf4j-api dependency fix for the reason why we decided to do a point release.

Finagle 18.9.1, Finatra 18.9.1, Scrooge 18.9.1, TwitterServer 18.9.1, and Util 18.9.1.


Breaking API Changes

  • finagle-base-http: DefaultHeaderMap now validates HTTP Header names and values in add and set. addUnsafe and setUnsafe have been created to allow adding and setting headers without validation. 3454f95d

  • finagle-core: Remove slow host detection from ThresholdFailureDetector. c05f5832

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • finagle-core: When Finagle would exhaust a retry budget with an exception that was not a FailureFlags, previously it would wrap that exception with a non-retryable failure. This lead to surprising behavior for users. Those exceptions will no longer be wrapped. 4ece3d2a

  • finagle-http: The finagle HTTP clients and servers now consider a Retry-After: 0 header to be a retryable nack. Servers will set this header when the response is a retryable failure, and clients will interpret responses with this header as a Failure.RetryableNackFailure. 3c3fedc6



  • http/thrift: Update Library registry route information to include controller class name. ffb644e5


  • scrooge: Finally remove maven.twttr.com as a dependency or plugin repository. With the update to a more recent libthrift dependency, this should no longer be necessary. 44db8e16

Twitter Server

No Changes


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: c.t.io.Writer now extends c.t.util.Closable. c.t.io.Writer.ClosableWriter is no longer exist. 9cc7025c

Bug Fixes

  • util-slf4j-api: Moved slf4j-simple dependency to be a ‘test’ dependency, instead of a compile dependency, which was inaccurate. 3d6d7457