Christopher Coco


Posted October 3, 2018

TravisCI Migration for the Finagle Org 🔧

TravisCI announced that it is moving open source projects from to which will use Github Apps for a tigther integration with Github.

We plan on working with TravisCI to migrate the entirety of the Finagle Org ( However, we wanted to alert the community that as part of this move, repositories under the Finagle Org will lose their TravisCI build history. We don’t expect that this is a big deal for projects in the org but wanted to give folks a heads up.

We expect this transition to happen in the next few weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Want to know more or have a question? Ask away at our Finagle or Finatra mailing lists or hop on Gitter.

Christopher Coco and the Core Systems Libraries team