Dave Rusek


Posted January 18, 2019

Winter Update ❄️

Winter is in full swing, a new year is upon us, and the coyotes are still doing their thing, and so are all of us here at Twitter. As part of your new year resolutions please make it a point to check out the latest releases of our open source offerings.

Developer experience

  • Reader, Writer and AsyncStream continue to make progress towards general use streaming use cases. Reader recently gained map and flatMap methods (1)
  • Finagle MySQL gained the ability to pin successive operations to a single session, enabling use cases where connection state is important for correctness.(1)
  • Improved Java Compatibility ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


  • In the works for a while, we all but removed the last vestiges of Netty 3 with the use of Netty 4 cookies.
  • Upgraded to 4.1.31.Final (1)


  • Per-method filtering and access to ThriftMux headers are now available in Finatra by switching to a new way of constructing Controllers. Also, Finatra Thrift services now use TypeAgnostic filters instead of the custom ThriftFilters (1)

Thanks for following along. If you’d like to know more about any one of these updates, or if you have a question about them, join us on the Finagle or Finatra mailing lists or hop on Gitter.

Catch you on the next release,

Dave and the Core Systems Libraries team