Yufan Gong


Posted August 15, 2019

Util August 2019 Point Release Notes - Version 19.8.1

A point release to publish Util on scala 2.13.

New Features

  • util: Enables cross-build for 2.13.0. d5d20cc3

Java Compatibility

  • util-stats: In c.t.finagle.stats.AbstractStatsReceiver, the counter, stat and addGauge become final, override counterImpl, statImpl and addGaugeImpl instead. d5d20cc3

  • util-core: c.t.concurrent.Offer.choose, c.t.concurrent.AsyncStream.apply, c.t.util.Await.all, c.t.util.Closable.sequence become available to java for passing varargs. d5d20cc3

  • util-stats: c.t.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver.provideGauge and addGauge become available to java for passing varags. d5d20cc3

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: (not breaking) c.t.util.Future.join and c.t.util.Future.collect now take Iterable[Future[A]] other than Seq. d5d20cc3

  • util-core: Revert the change above, in c.t.util.Future, collect, collectToTry and join take scala.collection.Seq[Future[A]]. e451e3b2

  • util-core: com.twitter.util.Event#build now builds a Seq of events. Event#buildAny builds against any collection of events. d5d20cc3